Talent means nothing without hard work and dedication.”

Expert service and advice.

ARC offers an extensive range of financial, private wealth management and advisory services.  Our integrated approach to private wealth management means our team of experienced Relationship Managers are on-call to meet your specific needs and facilitate the right outcomes, leveraging from a global network of selected associates.

Feroze Sukh

Feroze Sukh

Chief Executive Officer

A driving force behind the establishment of ARC is our desire to deliver generational leadership and support. Often in the industry, advisers move on and leave their clients to another adviser.” 

My passion is to make my clients’ lives easier by eliminating financial stress and complexity.

As a private client adviser, my clients trust me to coordinate and manage their financial affairs. I see this as an incredible privilege and honour.

I have guided my clients through multiple economic cycles including downturns like the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 2001 Dot-com bubble and 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

As a boutique service, we are committed to a long-term relationship with our clients.

We want to provide clients with certainty and stability. We have experienced investment professionals and access to select legal and taxation professionals working together for clients to ensure the right structures are in place.

I am passionate about private wealth management, it is an invaluable service for our busy, time-poor clients. My clients include successful business owners, sports professionals and corporate executives who look to me to bring together a holistic range of services and handle their affairs so they can focus on other aspects of their lives.

Andrea Ciaccio

CEO, AZ Investment Management HK

With Azimut’s global research support and capability, I am confident we can deliver quality investment solutions for ARC clients.”

Andrea Ciaccio is Director and Portfolio Manager at AZ Investment Management, part of the AZIMUT Group, the largest independent, public-listed Asset Management Company in Italy. Andrea holds directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group, including AZ Investment Management Singapore Ltd (since 2013), AZ International Holdings (since 2014) and AZ Sestante Limited (since 2015).

In 2020, Andrea was appointed the Chief Investment Officer of ARC Global Wealth.

Andrea set-up the Hong Kong operations in 2011 to support the management and distribution of AZIMUT products in the Asia Pacific region.

Since 2006, Andrea has been Director and Senior Fund Manager at AZ Fund Management Luxembourg (AZIMUT Group), where he established the multi-manager business, whose assets have since grown to US$4bn. The multi-manager business is an independent unit within the Group and manages 3 investment strategies: discretionary, quantitative and bespoke.

Andrea is primarily responsible for the top down macro view and for strategy allocation. 

Andrea Ciaccio
Con Efthimiadis

Con Efthimiadis

General Manager, Compliance and Operations

ARC is committed to delivering financial solutions that are appropriate to a client’s circumstances.”

Compliance and operations are essential foundations of a financial services business.

As the Financial Services Royal Commission demonstrated, financial service providers should proactively engage in practices that lead to doing the right thing for their client. Actions and behaviour must demonstrate an understanding and an appreciation of a client’s unique circumstances in order to deliver solutions that is in their best interest.

Conflicts of interest should be avoided and proactively managed.

ARC is committed to delivering financial solutions that are appropriate to a client’s unique circumstances. As part of my job, I work closely with ARC Relationship Managers to support the ongoing development and implementation of customised solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of individual clients.

Harrison White


I am passionate about getting to know our clients, helping them to grow and manage their wealth.”

Harrison graduated from The University of New South Wales in 2017, with a Bachelors of Commerce, specialising in finance and economics. Harrison recently completed his Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

In 2018, he completed the BT Financial Group Graduate program, gaining experience across superannuation, life insurance, project management, lending and investments.

Harrison most recently worked at St George Private Bank, where he helped manage a portfolio of over 200 high net worth clients.

Daniel Bryant


In a world where legislation has become complex, client education and guidance needs to be simplified.”

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales.  Daniel also holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and has the designation of Certified Financial Planner with the Financial Advice Association of Australia. Daniel is currently completing his Diploma of Mortgage Broking.
Daniel commenced his career in 2010 and since then has worked with organisations like Macquarie Bank and AMP. Daniel specialise in financial planning, superannuation, insurance, retirement planning, and investment advice.
Daniel provides clients with guidance and education, helping clients achieve their goals as they evolve throughout all stages of their life. Daniel’s style is to assess solutions and recommend what is most appropriate for the client.

Sebastian Esposito


I endeavour to help ARC’s clients achieve their financial goals through effective communication and seamless implementation of appropriate solutions.”

Sebastian has completed his Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking through Kaplan Professional and is currently completing his Bachelor of Economics at Macquarie University, majoring in Finance.
Sebastian is enthusiastic about his involvement in the financial services industry, thriving on helping clients understand the credit process, making it simple for the client to buy their first home or investment property and grow their personal wealth.
Sebastian also assists clients with complex commercial loans by simplifying lenders requests making it easy for clients to comply with a lender’s credit criteria on an upfront and ongoing basis.

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In order to make prudent decisions, my clients receive quality credit advice so they fully understand their capacity to borrow, their exposure to risk and their financial obligations.

I can confidently say that my clients are at the centre of everything I do. I am continuously looking for ways to add value and help them achieve their goals faster. To me, arranging finance to help someone invest in property or other large assets is not a transactional, short-term relationship.

In some cases, a mortgage is a 20-30 year commitment. It should not be treated as a set-and-forget exercise because things can change. A client’s goals and personal circumstances may alter, interest rates change and the products and lenders in the market can develop.

The finance industry in Australia is extremely dynamic.

In the 11 years since I entered the industry, I have seen it change significantly, for the better.

Today, it is much more highly regulated and focused on the customer, which are positive developments.

Recent changes including tighter lending standards and higher education and training requirements for brokers are designed to drive improved customer outcomes. I am a big supporter of public policy that seeks to strengthen consumer protections. My passion is to assist every client and get the very best financial outcome for them. 

But professional athletes can’t afford to waste time because their sporting career may be relatively brief, probably 5-10 years and that’s only if they can continue performing, stay out of trouble, avoid serious injury and remain in favour with coaches and selectors.

While quality advice is important and valuable at every age and stage in life, no matter what you do, it is especially critical for sportspeople to seek advice early, have a robust financial plan, and take ACTION from people that they can trust with the right experience.

As a former professional rugby player I understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing sporting professionals, which ideally positions me to guide them to make smart, informed decisions that will set them up for life.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know many impressive, successful sports and business people but one stands out above the rest – my former coach, Wayne Smith, who helped guide the All Blacks to World Cup victories in 2011 and 2015. He set goals, demanded excellence and commitment but he empowered people to do their job.

Similarly, when it comes to wealth management, it is important to have clear financial goals and utilise the skills and experience of experts in areas like investment, currency management, insurance, lending and tax. Part of my role is to identify and coordinate the delivery of best-ofbreed solutions for my clients.

At ARC, I’m able to marry my passion for sport and helping people achieve their financial goals. I’m driven to help all my clients, whether they play sport or not, retire with confidence, maintain their lifestyle long after their career is over and provide security for their family.